Child Support

Reach a Fair Child Support Arrangement

Reach a Fair Child Support Arrangement

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Are you worried about supporting your family financially during and after a divorce? Or maybe you have a previously filed child support agreement that is draining your resources. Whatever the case may be, you need an experienced child support attorney on your side. Sanchez Curtis Law, LLC can help. We practice divorce and child support law in Cherokee County, Forsyth County, Dawson County, Cobb County and Pickens County GA.

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Child support issues can be emotionally draining for you and your children. Make sure you've got an experienced family law attorney in your corner to help you through it. Our law firm will:

  • Keep your children's best interests at heart
  • Advocate for your financial needs
  • Work hard to achieve the best possible outcome

We can draft initial support agreements that fit your situation. If necessary, we can also petition the court for an adjustment to an existing agreement. Contact Sanchez Curtis Law today to start building your child support case.