Equine Law

What Is Equine Law?

What Is Equine Law?

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Not every attorney understands equine law nor the passion equestrians have for their sport and their animals; Ms. Sanchez-Curtis does. Equine law touches on many different aspects of civil law, including contract law, property law and personal injury law. An equestrian for nearly 50 years, Ms. Sanchez-Curtis competed as an amateur in both rated and local shows in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia. She has had her own farm, has bred Hanoverians and is still dedicated and supports the equine industry.

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There's a lot of legal work that goes into operating a stable. As part of our equine law services, we can help you establish...

  • Boarding agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Riding releases
  • Georgia Department of Agriculture Stable License
  • GATE Card

Are you launching or building a riding stable? Our equine law attorneys in Canton, GA will work to protect your interests. Count on us to assist with contract disputes, personal injury cases and fraudulent transactions.

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